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Women in Crypto

February 23, 2022

Meet Cicek Akgün - Educator. Innovator. Content Leader

Check out the latest piece with Cicek Akgün - Turkish Content Lead at RAIN. An econometrician on the mission to educate the masses about crypto.
February 9, 2022

Meet Diana Kovaleva - Inventor. Leader. Visionary

Tune in to story time with Diana Kovaleva. Symbiosis Finance Leader. Learn about multi-chain technology with Diana...
January 28, 2022

Meet Bridget Greenwood - Pioneer. Advisor. Women's advocate

Sit down and grab a slice with Bridget Greenwood. The Bigger Pie founder. Get support in blockchain from Bridget...
January 19, 2022

Meet Lasbery Oludimu - Director. Legal Advisor. Regulator

Leading a legal team sounds like a tremendous responsibility. What keeps you motivated in an otherwise daunting task...
January 13, 2022

Meet Minutes Leung - Wellness Influencer. Philosopher. NFT Expert

You’re a professional in both wellness and cryptocurrency. How do you manage to overlay two drastically different...
January 5, 2022

Meet Emily Rose - Leader, Connector, Problem-solver

What got you into cryptocurrency? Do you see yourself in this industry for the rest of your career? I first became...
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