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This introduction to the Telegram Open Network and Gram token highlights some of the key features of Telegram's long-awaited blockchain project.

The first public sale of Gram tokens begins on Liquid on July 10.

Project outline

  • The Gram token is issued by Telegram.
  • Gram will run on a unique distributed ledger named the Telegram Open Network (TON). TON will adopt a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm and combine blockchain technology, Directed acyclic graph (DAG) and sharding for fast transaction processing and scalability.
  • TON is being positioned as a decentralized supercomputer and value transfer system that can become an alternative to VISA and Mastercard in the era of decentralized economies.
  • TON will eventually become The Open Network by removing ‘Telegram’ from the name, completing the transition to truly decentralized network.

The Telegram Open Network

The Telegram Open Network blockchain will adopt DAG at the data or cell-referencing level to structure transactions inside each block. Uniquely, instead of using merkle trees as the internal structure of each block to organize transactions in order, TON uses DAG. While most cryptocurrencies choose to run on either a blockchain or DAG, TON is combining the two approaches.

Gram token ecosystem

TON mainnet is expected to launch before the end of October 2019. Upon release the adoption path will be extremely straightforward. Gram users will be able to send Gram straight from their mobile wallet, which will integrated directly in the Telegram application.

Gram will be the native currency of the Telegram Open Network and Telegram messaging platform. As of now, there are plenty of services within Telegram that accept money - using Gram will make it all much easier, faster and fluid.

Learn more about Gram utility here.

Token sale

Up until now you could only buy Gram tokens as a private investor. Everything has changed with the Gram Token Sale on Liquid.

It’s the first chance to buy Telegram’s Gram token outside of the private sale rounds, starting 11am UTC on July 10.

Token supply

The supply of Gram tokens will be dynamic. At first, Grams will be released periodically in tranches to control supply and protect the cryptocurrency in its early stages. Here’s the initial release schedule:

  • At TON mainent launch: 640 million
  • After 3 months: 1.23 billion
  • After 6 months: 1.84 billion
  • After 12 months: 2.48 billion
  • After 18 months: 3.12 billion

Following this, contributors to the network will receive Grams as payment which will cause inflation at an expected rate of 2% per year.

Implementation status

As of January 28, 2019, according to the TON team:

  • TON: 90% complete
  • TON Virtual Machine: 95% complete
  • TON Network ADNL: 80% complete
  • TON Network overlay and broadcast protocols: 100% complete
  • TON Blockchain block manipulation library: 95% complete
  • TON Blockchain Validator BFT Consensus protocol: 95% complete

Learn more about Telegram Open Network.

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