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New Listing: RAKU Token

Move over Cryptokitties. There’s a new pig on the block. Crypt-Oink is a fun new dapp that gives players ownership of mysterious pig-like creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Move over Cryptokitties. There’s a new pig on the block. Crypt-Oink is a fun new dapp that gives players ownership of mysterious pig-like creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players use RAKU tokens to help breed, train, customize and even race these majestic beasts. The game is the brainchild of Good Luck 3, a Japanese gaming company bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and mindless fun.

RAKU tokens can be used across all games in the RAKUN ecosystem, including other lighthearted titles like Cryptoidols and Canal City Hakata Godzilla — with more games to come.

Blockchain meets gaming

The blockchain space is a hive of innovation, spawning numerous real-world use cases that are helping to build a better tomorrow. The gaming industry has fully embraced this technology, with companies like Enjin showing how cryptocurrency can be used to redefine the way we interact with gaming assets.

One of the most popular gaming use cases has been in the form of digital collectibles. When Crypto Kitties exploded in popularity in late-2017 it paved the way for a slew of lookalikes all vying to catch the eye of crypto collectors worldwide. From CryptoRaves and CryptoPunks to pets, chicks, dogs and even santas, many have tried to claim the crown among zany collectibles.

Now, Good Luck 3 is hoping to make a similar splash with Crypt-Oink. Could pigs on the blockchain be the next pig thing?

A look at the RAKUN ecosystem

In RAKUN, gamers have access to non-fungible tokens that can be used to complete certain tasks or buy items in games like Crypt-Oink.

As everything is recorded on a blockchain, players have full ownership of all their digital items across multiple different blockchain games.

CryptoKitties paved the way for this kind of use case. Did you know that a single rare Cryptokitty stored on the Ethereum blockchain once traded for the equivalent value of 170,000 USDe? Digital scarcity and the ability to trade can create a thriving marketplace for such items.

Games without borders


RAKUN provides a seamless and borderless entertainment ecosystem for gamers.

Crypt-Oink is already proving a hit with gamers. More than 20,000 breeders have been busy raising their lovely pigs.



The RAKU token

The RAKU Initial Exchange Oinkering is now live. Get in early to buy RAKU with a 15% bonus!

Token holders will receive exclusive access to extra in-game activities and competitions with better prizes.


IEO Bonuses

  • RAKU Token bonuses are available for users who complete a short survey about RAKUN.
  • The blue Liquid pig below will be given to anyone who purchases more than 10,000 RAKU on Liquid.
RAKUN tokens


  • An exclusive race called “Time Attack Challenge” will run throughout the sale. Every day the players with the top 3 times will be rewarded with RAKU and the limited edition RAKUN Crypton - the gold pig shown above.
  • Following the Time Attack Challenges, at the conclusion of the IEO a special RAKUN Race will be open to all featuring a grand prize for the winner.


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