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In a previous blog we introduced ThreeFold, the first global true peer-to-peer internet. This new, complementary internet is built on three core values: Equality, Autonomy & Sustainability. ThreeFold connects the world to a censor free, neutral and planet-friendly internet, owned by everyone.

TFT is live now on Liquid.

In today’s world, our lives are becoming more and more digital and the world is moving towards decentralization. The current approach to IT cannot sustain this flawed system, requiring more and more human and energetic resources. The ThreeFold technology offers a secure, sustainable and scalable solution with an Autonomous IT and a true peer-to-peer system.

3 layers for a better peer-to-peer internet

The current internet structure is built around huge data centers owned by a small group of huge tech companies. This structure is not sustainable nor scalable. ThreeFold solved these issues by removing the need for large data centers, developing a more efficient data storage algorithm, and simplifying the infrastructure of the internet. Instead of seven layers, the ThreeFold’s new internet is built on three layers, creating  an autonomous, distributed, and peer-to-peer network of storage and compute capacity. 

Capacity Layer

This layer is the foundation of the new internet. It consists of the ThreeFold Grid, the physical hardware distributed around the world forming a peer-to-peer network of storage and compute capacity. The ThreeFold Grid currently counts 600+ nodes distributed in 21+ countries. These nodes produce more than 40,000,000 gigabytes of capacity. While the current approach of the internet limits its scalability, the ThreeFold Grid can scale up to millions of nodes distributed everywhere.

The computing strategy is made available by independent “farmers”. They provide capacity by connecting their hardware to the ThreeFold Grid. Based on a circular farming model, the Grid rewards farmers adding capacity to the grid with ThreeFold Tokens (TFT). The farmers can then trade their tokens with FIAT currencies providing TFT to users wishing to purchase capacity. Users pay farmers with TFT to purchase capacity and a part of the transaction goes to the ThreeFold Foundation.


Be a part of the first global peer-to-peer internet’s foundation by becoming a farmer.

Autonomous Layer

The autonomous layer is the bridge between users and the capacity layer. This layer was made possible by Jumpscale X. This framework written in Python -- developed for more than a decade --  is the foundation of the Autonomous Layer. Self-driving and self-healing, the system deploys and operates the infrastructure without human interaction. This major breakthrough in IT highly reduces the possibility of hacking, bringing security to ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer internet.

Experience Layer

You can imagine this layer as the interface of the new internet. It is where users can access all the experiences already available and where creators can build new ones. The only limitation of this layer is the human mind. 

Experience the first global peer-to-peer internet

The ThreeFold Peer-to-Peer Cloud

We live in a world where the storage is at the base of everything. While in a classic storage system, data is centralized, the ThreeFold Cloud uses a dispersed storage. You can imagine it as a puzzle of twenty pieces. The data gets chopped into twenty blocks. These blocks can be saved anywhere on the Grid. So, a hacker needs to be in all places at once and have access codes to all nodes. Thanks to this technology, you own your data and its storage is highly-secure.

The ThreeFold peer-to-peer cloud runs on the ThreeFold Grid. It allows you to build or migrate all applications or workloads that you could run on Kubernetes or S3 easily. The workload execution is ensured by Smart Contracts for IT, making the ThreeFold Cloud highly reliable. The peer-to-peer Cloud is highly-secure, no TCP  traffic is going from the Internet to your container as the deployment is isolated from the public network. 

Developers can already build on the network using the ThreeFold Grid Software Development Kit (SDK). The cloud deployment was made easy for everyone. You simply need to download the 3Bot Connect application on Android or iOS, get access to the SDK, and choose between:

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