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7 Best NFT Marketplaces to Trade in 2022

NFTs are an unstoppable train at this point. For some of us, it’s enough to watch it zoom past. For others, it’s the ride of a lifetime. If you’re among the latter, you’re probably looking for an opportunity.

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NFTs are an unstoppable train at this point. For some of us, it’s enough to watch it zoom past. For others, it’s the ride of a lifetime. If you’re among the latter, you’re probably looking for an opportunity.

Whether you’re a creator or a trader, or simply a sucker for questionable art, there are NFT marketplaces that fit your needs. 

When looking for these platforms, there are usually general marketplaces, which sell NFTs of all varieties from amateur to high-end Bored Apes products. 

Then there are niche platforms, which sell NFTs specific to a blockchain or metaverse, such as Axie Infinity. While those places offer the highest quality NFTs, they cater to a smaller audience and may not have what you’re looking for.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best NFT vendors that offer a diverse range of artistic pixelations for all kinds of different tastes.


This vendor is as delicious as it sounds. With hundreds of original NFTs uploaded every day, you’ll never run out of things to collect. 

The site features mainly amateur or rising artists so the creation you see is new and fresh. One can discern a strong desire to disrupt the artistic norms from the NFTs on BakerySwap.

The bright interface and stylish background show the company caters to the art. You’ll also see a list of top-selling artists that gets updated regularly. 

To start trading, you’ll need to connect a wallet and some BAKE tokens. One BAKE is a bit less than one USD, so one ETH will get you around 4,200 BAKE.

BakerSwap also allows you to buy from other NFT shops, including Binance, Seascape, and Yooshi, using BAKE tokens. However, to sell, you must post your NFTs to that specific shop if you want to earn their native currency, instead.

Nifty Giveaway

Nifty Giveaway has appeared on many top lists for NFT marketplaces. The site is simple and compact, but is by no means small.

The front page is always filled with either “curated” or “verified” collections, which are best of the best filtered by the site. As you scroll down, more art from previously curated NFTs come into place.

This is also a downside as all they want you to see is the subjectively best pieces of art and not the less popular ones. There’s a search bar that lets you find specific items but in the world of NFTs, established names are few and far between. Most of the time, we don’t even know who or what to look for.

Prices are listed in USD but you can also pay in ETH.


In addition to Ethereum, Rarible offers products on the Tezos and Flow blockchains. The art quality isn’t necessarily better; it’s simply an extension of their marketplace. 

Prices are listed in the currency specific to their blockchains. However, you only need ETH to buy NFTs from any category on Rarible.

The Live Auction feature offers an interactive experience when buying NFTs. Compete with other users in real time and bring to your home screen that grand piece of art you strongly desire. Generally, the candlestick method is preferred in online auctions to prevent price sniping, but that’s not the case on Rarible.


As its name suggests, SuperRare offers a rather high–end collection of NFTs, with an average ranging from $1,000 to $10,000.

Most of them have a matching quality to their price tags, depending on who you ask. You can also filter NFTs by price, file types or artists. Some of them can go up to $100,000 and higher.

Live auction is available here and the main currency is Ethereum.

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Decentraland is a metaverse where users can buy and own virtual land. They can decorate their land with digital properties, such as houses, business venues, and more. 

The Decentraland NFT marketplace was built to further reinforce the digital economy the platform has created. Here, you can buy anything including avatars, in-world items and properties and even estates and land parcels.

Whatever you earn in Decentraland is yours to keep and sell at will. Anything can be listed for a price and transaction fees are reasonable.

Main currency: Ethereum.


FTX is one of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges that sell NFTs. There’s a separate platform for this market, but it’s designed for you to easily switch between NFTs and crypto trading.

The price range is wide - you can find anything from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars. Artists mainly list NFTs in Ethereum but it obviously doesn’t matter since you can just self-convert on FTX exchange to whatever crypto is needed.

The marketplace is open globally, but minting and selling are only available for US users.


Finally, the one and only, OpenSea. Even non-NFT enthusiasts would probably have heard of this one.

OpenSea is as big as its own infamy. The site has the largest collection of NFTs in the industry, ranging from the cheapest and most effortless to the outrageously expensive ones, such as Crypto Punks, Royal Cubs and Bored Apes.

On the other side of the intense variety, there’s a long-running problem of plagiarism, knock-offs, and hacks. Spend enough time on OpenSea and you’ll start seeing similar NFTs to the popular ones, some of which are simply inverted copies of the original.

The company has addressed this issue several times, but so far we haven’t seen any impactful improvements. OpenSea is stuck between maintaining decentralization and, well, maintaining a fair and healthy marketplace. 

If you plan to spend on NFTs, especially expensive ones, we suggest doing lots of research (on the artists as well as popular collections) before dropping a coin on any of them. What you see may not be what you actually want.

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