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New Listing: VIDY and VIDYX Tokens

VIDY and VIDYX tokens are soon available to trade on Liquid Exchange.

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VIDY and VIDYX tokens are soon available to trade on Liquid Exchange.

What is Vidy?

Founded in 2016, Vidy is a San Francisco-based web technology company that allows websites to embed videos into lines of text, creating more inventory space and engagement opportunities for users. It works similar to an invisible layer that rests atop any web page. In 2018, Vidy introduced blockchain technology into this invisible layer to allow a reward economy to exist on webpages. The way it works is that users who watch videos on webpages that integrated the technology will earn VidyCoins as a reward. It rewards users for their time and data.

The amazing thing about that project is that it already has more than 70 global media companies that use the technology and have exposure to over 150m users monthly. Users do not need to download any app or extension to experience our technology. Please check out this URL to experience it for yourself.

When you see a pink highlight in the URL above, hold down or cursor over, and you’ll start unveiling a video with VIDY rewards as you continue to watch. When you swipe up or click into the pink highlight, the top right is your web wallet, which you will need to log into just once and see your balance, redeem products, etc.

What are trading pairs available for VIDY?

Initially, Liquid will support the following trading pairs for VIDY: VIDY/BTC, VIDY/SGD, VIDYX/BTC, and VIDYX/SGD.

VIDY vs. VIDYX: What is the difference?

Both the tokens - VIDY and VIDYX - are interlinked and serves an integral to the Vidy ecosystem. Besides, both the tokens are based on two different blockchains having their own utility function. In spite of these differences, both VIDY and VIDYX are essential parts of the Vidy platform.

- VIDY serves as a staking mechanism for withdrawals, bonuses, discounts, and campaign prioritization within the Vidy ecosystem.

- VIDYX powers all rewards, transactions, campaigns, and payouts across the Vidy ecosystem.

Learn more about Vidy via https://vidy.com/.

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