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We are excited to announce that Ki, the ecosystem bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi, is listing its native $XKI coin on Liquid cryptocurrency exchange. The $XKI is being launched in two trading pairs, XKI/USDC and XKI/BTC.

This important milestone marks a huge step forward with the launch of the Ki ecosystem's first go-to-market project, Klub.

Klub is the first private-wealth platform offering a streamlined experience from banking to investing, helping high-earning individuals to spend, store and invest their capital.

Every member joining (invite-only basis) is granted access to premium core banking features coupled with high yield investment products. In order to benefit from Klub and its services, members need to buy and stake $XKI coins, making every user an ecosystem stakeholder.

Réda Berrehili, CEO of Ki Foundation, spoke on the listing saying “We are particularly happy to mark today’s achievement with an exchange such as Liquid as a partner. Noting their commitment towards compliance and regulation is aligned with our values and approach of connecting traditional finance with Decentralized Finance.

The listing of Ki on one of the world’s most comprehensive and secure trading platforms will result in wider availability and vastly improved liquidity for the $XKI. Liquid Exchange counts on a $330 million daily volume. Ultimately, this supports the sustainable growth of the Ki ecosystem as it grows its product suite and expands its exposure.

About Ki Foundation

Founded in 2018, Ki Foundation is bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi by deploying an ecosystem of financial services gateway for everyone. KiChain is Cosmos SDK-based and utilizes a Tendermint core.

Ki Foundation's first product is Klub : the first private-wealth platform offering a streamlined experience from banking to investing, where every member joining becomes an ecosystem stakeholder. The XKI usage will be through the protocol level (securing the network with validators earning inflation rewards) as well as from the business level with Klub and many other future projects to be launched in 2022: insurance products, DeFi liquidity pools, collateralized borrowing, etc. This is the beginning of an exciting journey. Join the movement. $XKI.

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