How to earn your trading fees back on Liquid

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We recently launched our new trading fee structure on Liquid.

Our new low trading fees are just 0.05% (or 5bps) for maker and taker when paying fees in QASH.

But there’s more...

You can pay even less thanks to our promotional trading fee rebate campaign.

The more you trade, the more you can earn back in QASH.

We have launched a promotional campaign for a trading fee rebate, payable in QASH, for Liquid customers who trade at least 25 million USD in volume per calendar month.

This rebate is applicable to all Liquid products (Spot, Margin, Infinity).

Rebates are calculated at the end of each calendar month, with payouts made on the fifth business day of the following month. The first payout is scheduled for May 5.

The more you trade, the higher your rebate.

table fee rebate

*A 0.05% maker/taker trading fee applies when paying fees in QASH. The fee when not paying in QASH is 0.1%.

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