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Updates to the Liquid Trading Dashboard [June 15th 2020]

We just updated the Liquid trading dashboard to give our users a better experience.  
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We just updated the Liquid trading dashboard to give our users a better experience.  

 Here’s what changed:

  • You can now see your margin coverage before making a trade.
  • You can use Isolated Margin to discover your Liquidation price, pre-order creation.
  • About to make a risky trade? You’ll now be alerted when you’re in the danger zone (<=120% margin coverage) before making a trade.
  • Users can now easily toggle between open and closed positions or orders making it easier to monitor trading activity and quickly confirm results after closing a trade or an order fill.
  • If you have multiple positions open, you can now see the total P&L of all of them. 
  • You can also hide cancelled orders from the orders history view. Or hide other pairs from the trading dashboard.
  • Users that have multiple positions open, can now see the Volume Weighted Average Open price of all their positions in the summary column-- this will help you understand the average entry price compared to current price.
  • The Perpetuals trading dashboard now has tooltips that explain the mechanism of the P&L, RP&L and more, to make it easier to understand what happens during settlement.



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