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Use QASH Now to Unlock Trading Fee Discounts on Liquid

 Our new and improved trading fee structure is now live on Liquid.

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 Our new and improved trading fee structure is now live on Liquid.

Pay your fees in QASH/LQC and get a 50% discount for:

  • Maker and taker orders
  • Spot, margin trading, Infinity and Perpetuals
  • All pairs: crypto, fiat and stablecoins

If you opt to pay your fees without QASH, the fee is twice as high.

(You can read the full details here.)

Make sure you’re paying your fees in QASH

  1. Log in to Liquid
  2. Open the menu in the top rightmenu
  3. Click Application under Account Settings
  4. Make sure the option to pay your fees with QASH is selectedpay with qash 4

Trade Now

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