We just introduced a new fee structure: here’s why you’re still winning

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We recently announced our new and improved trading fee structure on Liquid, with a flat maker/taker fee of just 0.05% for trades on all crypto, fiat and stablecoin pairs when paying fees with QASH.

Finding the balance

At Liquid, we pride ourselves on balancing a progressive set of goals. There are three big challenges we face:

  • Attracting traders
  • Retaining high levels of liquidity
  • Market expansion.

Juggling all three can be tricky. Market makers have to be incentivized to create the market by placing an order either to buy a cryptocurrency below the market price or to sell a currency above the market price.

But we also have to focus on basic principles of market strategy: growth and customer retention.

Easy fees for all

We have made our trading fee structure as competitive as possible. This way, newcomers to the space won’t pay more than they should when entering the market.

The last thing you want is to pay two tiers of fees: conversion fees based on a predetermined spread and commission fees for handling the transaction.

This is the fee structure at some exchanges – and the costs can add up.

We’ve kept our trading fees simple at Liquid: pay just 0.05% for making or taking the market when paying your fees in QASH – no hidden costs.

Let’s say you want to buy one Bitcoin at 4,500 USD. On some exchanges, you may pay a conversion fee of 0.5% (22.50 USD) as well as a commission (trading fee) anywhere up to 1.5% (67.50 USD).

That’s almost 100 USD added to your bill. For the same trade at Liquid, you would pay only 2.25 USD in QASH.

Catering to our customers

Taking care of our QASH token holders is very important to us. A trading fee discount is the first of a number of key initiatives that will make our token highly desirable for trading and holding.

We’ve also thought about high-volume traders with our trading fee rebate campaign that can effectively reduce your fees to zero. Traders who trade more than 25 million USD in a calendar month will be eligible for this rebate, payable in QASH.

The more you trade, the higher your rebate.



There’s more

The introduction of trading fees helps us to focus our company goals on developing exceptional features and services for a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency traders, from complete beginners and hodlers to day traders and professionals.

One of our core values is to be customer centric. We strive to provide the best possible experience for all our clients. Crypto traders from around the world put their trust in us because we are regulated, audited, and highly focussed on protection of data and assets. We are, for example, one of the only crypto platforms to keep 100% of customer assets in cold wallet storage.

We might not live in a perfect world, but there’s a lot we can do to make trading easy and accessible for all. At Liquid, we make your trading experience our priority.

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This content is not financial advice and should not form the basis of any financial investment decisions nor be seen as a recommendation to buy or sell any good or product. Trading cryptocurrency is complex and comes with a high risk of losing money, particularly if you trade on leverage. You should carefully consider whether trading cryptocurrencies is right for you and take the time to learn how trading works and decide how much money you are prepared to lose.



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