What is an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)?

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You may have heard the term IEO. It sounds a lot like ICO. But what is an IEO?

An IEO, or initial exchange offering is a fundraising method for cryptocurrency projects a lot like an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The premise is still the same - a token issuer conducts an IEO to raise capital for project expansion. The difference lies in the use of a crypto exchange to host the token sale.

The exchange does necessarily legitimize the IEO project by default. The differentiator between an IEO and an ICO is the safety of the investment process.

IEO is everything ICO should have been. Safer, more reliable, better controlled. There is no longer a need to sling your personal data at hundreds of different providers, hoping to gain "exclusive" access to an ICO.

IEOs are substantially safer than the ICO craze of 2017. Nevertheless, investors are still required to conduct their own due diligence.

You want to use an IEO platform on an exchange you can trust.

Safe, simple, speedy – Liquid’s IEO platform

The Liquid IEO platform has been crafted to provide the best possible IEO experience for all involved. Liquid has been successfully hosting IEOs for more than a year already.

The entire process is designed for flexibility and simplicity. Best of all, we’ve got plenty of investor protection methods in place.

This is what Liquid’s IEO platform has to offer.

Trustworthy exchange

Above all else, we take our reputation seriously. We work closely with regulators and maintain formidable security standards.

All IEOs on Liquid are subject to thorough due diligence, carried out by our token review committee.

Buy with ease

Enter the amount you want to buy, choose the payment currency and click buy. Your new tokens are already in your Liquid wallet.

Flexible funding

Avoid the hassle of exchanging your funds just to invest in an IEO. Pay on your terms.

Invest in an IEO with BTC, ETH, BCH, QASH or even USD.

Investor protection

Your protection when investing in crypto is our priority. We built in some neat features to make your investment is that much more secure.

IEOs can set soft caps that will refund all investors in full if the soft cap isn’t hit.

100% of client assets are kept in cold storage, so before and after investing in an IEO, your funds remain safely offline.

Private sale token lock ups can be switched on, reducing the effect of a private sale on the immediate listing price, protecting public sale investors.

Join once, participate again and again

Verified Liquid account holders can access a multitude of IEOs. When taking part in independent ICOs you would have to register and complete KYC every. single. time.

Secondary listing

Following the successful completion of an IEO, Liquid is available for secondary listing. That way you know if and where the token will become tradable.

Self service

Our IEO platform is not just about making life easy for investors.

Token issuers can utilize our IEO self service feature, submitting everything we need to make a project assessment, ultimately allowing us to partner with you to host an IEO.

Bottom line

We know the struggles of hosting an independent token sale from first hand experience. That knowledge shaped the IEO self service to be as straightforward as possible.

To us, IEOs are about two things: investor safety and time management. If we can keep our investors safe from malice and give projects more time to develop, our job is done.

Take part in IEOs on Liquid

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