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What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token is the backbone of the Brave browser ecosystem. BAT token powers the Brave web browser and incentivizes users for their attention to the advertisement.
What is Basic attention token BAT

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Basic Attention Token is the backbone of the Brave browser ecosystem. BAT token powers the Brave web browser and incentivizes users for their attention to the advertisement.

What is Basic Attention Token?

There are various crypto coins and tokens available to trade and purchase out there. 

One such project, Basic Attention Token or BAT, is an ERC-20 utility token of Brave, an open-source privacy-centered web browser application designed to block trackers.

BAT tokens are exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users through a blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

The BAT ecosystem leverages the power Ethereum blockchain to track user attention and reward website publishers securely.

How does Basic Attention Token work?

The blockchain-based BAT platform matches ads with users without tracking or collecting any of their personal information. As a result, BAT tokens can be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users. In addition, the non-refundable tokens can be used to obtain certain services and encourage usage of the platform.

  1. Users can earn BAT for spending time on certain websites using the Brave browser.
  2. Publishers and creators can earn BAT for creating digital content online.
  3. Brands can get maximum attention through ads that don’t track user's data.

How to receive free Basic Attention Tokens?

Brave allows users to get rewarded for browsing their web browser. Since it emphasizes user attention, you can earn BAT tokens by viewing privacy-respecting ads.

Do you also want to earn some free BAT tokens? Download the Brave browser and choose to receive ads. Remember that these ads are not supposed to track user's data and compromise their privacy. 

Is Basic Attention Token a good investment?

To answer the question, we need to understand why Brave created BAT tokens in the first place.

It was created to enhance security, fairness, and efficiency by using blockchain technology.

There are several reasons you might want to consider investing in BAT.

Internet privacy is one of the burning issues these days. With Brave, third-party Ad trackers no longer have access to your digital footprints.

Additionally, users get paid for viewing ads. Remember, these ads are safe and do not compromise your privacy.

Last but not least, BAT token aims to support your favorite content creators.

And now that those annoying ad banners and pop-ups are gone for the good, your internet browsing experience with Brave has become significantly faster and less distracted.

BAT utility has expanded beyond Brave Rewards, with BAT among the first assets supported as collateral by MakerDAO, Compound, and other leading DeFi protocols.

These are some of the main reasons the BAT platform has gained popularity in recent years.

How much is Basic Attention Token worth?

Currently trading at $0.76, BAT has received increased investor attention in recent weeks. While it is difficult to predict future prices of BAT tokens, we can consider some of the available BAT price forecast data from the third parties.

  • According to Digital Coin Price, the USD price of one BAT token is predicted to hit $2.40 by the end of 2021, $3.41 by the end of 2023, and $5.57 by 2025.
  • Wallet Investor predicts BAT token price might hit $1.32 in one year and $1.94 in five years from now.
  • As per Trading Beasts price prediction, the value of one BAT token is likely to hit $1.50 by the end of October 2021.
  • According to RippleCoinNews, the Basic Attention Token price could hit $15 by the end of 2021.

How to buy Basic Attention Token on Liquid?

You can buy BAT with four easy steps on Liquid.

  1. If you don't have a Liquid account, you can create a free account by signing up.
  2. Go to Liquid's Buy and Swap tab.
  3. Choose 'Buy' if you would like to purchase with your bank card, or choose 'Swap' if you would like to exchange with any other crypto that is available in your Liquid wallet
  4. Enter the amount of BAT you want to purchase and click Buy or Swap!

Wrapping Up

To sum up, BAT is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum blockchain and is used to compensate Brave users for surfing websites with ads that don’t track users’ data.

Advertisers provide publishers with BAT tokens based on the measured attention of users. These tokens are then distributed among users as a reward for their attention.

Users can also donate BAT back to publishers to support their favorite creators or use them for other purposes on the Brave browser platform.

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