Gamer’s Delight: Introduction to The Sandbox

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Who doesn’t like to invest in crypto, especially now that Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, continues to reach new heights? If you are a crypto enthusiast who loves to play video games, we have something exciting to talk about!

Luckily for you, we have The Sandbox, a project that could bring millions of new gamers into the crypto space while offering exciting investment opportunities. We want to look at the many use cases for SAND, a native token of The Sandbox. In this article, we want to share a story behind SAND and The Sandbox.

What is The Sandbox?

Let’s begin with the introduction of The Sandbox. What is it? The Sandbox, as you already know, it is a wildly popular franchise where players can build their virtual worlds. The franchise has been around for at least eight years now, and it is available for iOS and Android users. How popular is this game, you might ask?

Believe it not, but the non-crypto version of The Sandbox has reached more than 40 million downloads. Hence, the game itself is viral among its massive community. It also explains why the Blockchain iteration of The Sandbox has been one of the most widely anticipated in the crypto space for quite some time.

The Sandbox + Blockchain

You can build, own, and monetize your gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the game's utility token. In a nutshell, The Sandbox is all about providing you with an immersive metaverse where you can create your virtual worlds. Lest we forget, over 70 million worlds have already been created by the community!

Another cool thing is that folks at The Sandbox want to give you full control of the game, courtesy of their plans to make the game a decentralized, autonomous organization. You might say virtual worlds are not a big deal anymore. Hold your horses! In reality, these voxel graphics games are dominated by Minecraft and Roblox.

Minecraft has more than 126 million active players, and it seems that Microsoft saw the potential of the Minecraft franchise way back in 2014 and forked out a staggering $2.5 billion to acquire it. Similarly, Roblox has about 100 million active users and raised a whopping $150 million this year at a $4 billion valuation.

Why should you pay attention to The Sandbox?

Shortcomings of the traditional gaming industry are primarily responsible for the rise of The Sandbox. Some of these shortcomings are the excessive centralization of user-generated content, especially in titles like Roblox. They limit creator rights and ownership.

Why should you be in control of your in-game assets?

If you create an item in one of these games and the gaming company owns it, the immediate problem is that the company can exercise central control over the trading of virtual goods created by players. It demotivates players from achieving fair valuations for their creations as the gaming companies end up taking a massive cut on any sales.

These companies also have the right to prevent players from trading certain items. Existing game marketplaces are based on fiat currencies that lack support for microtransactions and are vulnerable to credit card fraud.

Blockchain adoption to address these issues

The Sandbox aims to solve all these shortcomings through Blockchain adoption where creators can craft, play, share, collect, and trade without centralized control, while also enjoying significantly better copyright ownership. In-game microtransactions are handled using SAND.

What is LAND?

LANDs are pieces of digital real estate within The Sandbox metaverse. You can buy them to build experiences. Meaning, you can populate them with in-game assets to create unique gaming experiences. Most importantly, each land is a Non-fungible token (NTF) that lives on the Ethereum public blockchain (ERC721). They are tradable, and you have custody over them.

What is SAND?

SAND is the utility token used throughout The Sandbox ecosystem. It is a medium of exchange to buy that item in the marketplace, rent lands off other players, and pay for in-game experiences.

What makes up The Sandbox ecosystem?

The Sandbox ecosystem is divided into three core components:

VoxEdit: A 3D Voxel modelling package creates and animates 3D items and objects, including people, tools, and items, and exports them into the in-game marketplace, which then allows users to upload, publish and sell their creations made using VoxEdit as both ERC721 (the public Ethereum blockchain) and ERC1155 (user-generated) tokens.

Game Maker: It allows users to build amazing 3D games for free without coding skills, courtesy of visual scripting tools that create visually stunning games in no time. You can contribute to a vast metaverse, filled with a wide range of unique interactive creations and experiences.

Marketplace: You can upload, publish, and sell their creations made with VoxEdit. Designs are first uploaded into an IPFS network for decentralized storage and then registered onto the blockchain to verify ownership. You can then sell them on the marketplace.

Do you want to win some free SAND?

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