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Why pro crypto traders choose Liquid

Professional cryptocurrency traders know what they want, but they aren’t always sure where they can get it. There are a lot of crypto exchanges to choose from, but which is really best?
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Professional cryptocurrency traders know what they want, but they aren’t always sure where they can get it. There are a lot of crypto exchanges to choose from, but which is really best?

At Liquid we know what professional traders require and we’ve got it covered:

Control, liquidity, security, regulation and more.

Liquid is built to cater to professional crypto traders. We’ve got deep liquidity, intricate control and an excellent, low-latency API for technical traders.

Let’s take a look at what makes Liquid stand out.

Who are the people behind Liquid?

A good product needs a solid backbone, especially in an emerging, innovative field like cryptocurrency and blockchain. That’s exactly what we’ve got.

Liquid was co-founded by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez-Lozada. Mike and Mario were inspired by the disruption of blockchain and digital currencies, spurring them to co-found Quoine in 2014, which later became Liquid.

Mike has more than 20 years’ of global experience in business management, investments, venture capital and IT.

Mike was a Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group, managing its Asia operations and investments with SingTel and Bharti Group. Prior to SoftBank Mike was a Senior Director at Globespan Capital Partners, a Palo Alto-based venture capital fund with more than 1.2 billion USD under management.

Mario was the Japan Chief Information Officer and Head of Fixed Income IT Asia at Credit Suisse (CS).

Prior to CS, Mario was the Chief Technology Officer of Merrill Lynch in Japan, spanning a 13-year career where he was responsible for all aspects of the bank’s IT related to fixed income, currencies and commodities. Mario was actively involved in early electronic trading initiatives - he developed innovative software for sales and trading systems.

The Liquid senior management team is built on a wealth of knowledge from relevant industry background. Technology, banking, trading, security - we run the gamut.

Trade with up to 100x leverage

If you’re right, you’re right. Sometimes you know that your trade call is going to be a winner.

As long as you are employing sufficient risk management techniques, it might be time to look towards upping your leverage.

Leverage is power.

At Liquid we know how important it is for you to have control. That’s why we have upped the number of available leverage options, so you can find the levels that are right your trading strategy.

On Liquid you can margin trade BTC, ETH and XRP with up to 25x leverage, but if you want to turn it up a notch you can trade Bitcoin CFDs with up to 100x leverage.

Take control, be free. Supercharge your trades with more power than ever before on the Liquid platform - and feel good doing it. We’ve built a user interface that as a trader you have to love.



Trading with API on Liquid

API, or Application Programming Interface, allows two pieces of software to talk to each other.

In the context of trading, an API is used to connect trading software to a cryptocurrency exchange. This enables you to trade through an exchange but use an interface of your liking.

API trading is crucial for a subset of advanced traders. It enables types of trading that aren’t possible with an exchange interface.

With API trading you are able to utilize algorithmic models as part of your trading strategy and conduct high frequency trading.

What’s more, with API trading you can have more control over your trades. If you want to trade at high frequencies, you can. If you’d like to have higher degrees of control over your order options, such as conditional orders, that’s possible.

API trading on Liquid

On Liquid we provide REST and WebSocket APIs.

We have recently upgraded our WebSocket API to a proprietary WebSocket known as Liquid Tap.

Liquid Tap boosts trading performance and decreases latency, perfect for high frequency API traders.

Key benefits of Liquid Tap are:

  • Real-time market data deliveries, even during volatile swings
  • Lower latency for more accurate and timely reaction to market changes
  • Improved predictability of processing times to maximize your potential profits
  • Improved privacy compared to previous WebSocket

Experience tight spreads and deep liquidity

Liquidity matters. It keeps the order books deep and reduces volatility. Traders need liquidity to function.

Liquid processes millions of dollars of trading volume every day. Our volume is plentiful, verifiable and real, as highlighted by these trusted sources:

We know how important liquidity is, so we take it a step further. Our World Book technology combines markets to deepen liquidity, perfect for any trader.

Here’s how it works.

The World Book can take match an order that was placed in one market with another market. For example, a BTC/JPY trade could be matched with a BTC/USD trade. Both traders would be unaware that their trade had been matched outside of the pair they were trading, but they would have noticed enhanced liquidity of their chosen pair.

Currently the World Book technology is functional for major cryptocurrency pairs, matching within the same base currency between fiat quote currencies. This means that BTC/fiat pairings share liquidity, as do ETH/fiat and so on.

A user interface to rule them all

When you are trading you must have control. Your degree of control is influenced mostly by user interface.

The Liquid user interface has been meticulously crafted with pro traders in mind. Traders need comprehensive insight and intricate control.

Entering trades on Liquid is easy, and once you have a live position our margin checkers lets you know how you are doing margin coverage wise.

You can watch and manage all of your open positions and compare to closed positions all in one place.

Of course, no place feels like home without some personal touches. Play around and build your own personal, customized trading dashboard. Build a workspace perfect for you and, if you’re so inclined, create dynamic multi-screen trading environments.

Liquid Pro - take your trades with you

Make your trades anywhere, anytime with the feature-packed Liquid Pro mobile app.

Liquid pro gives you the power to take control of the markets from the palm of your hand. It’s crammed with advanced crypto trading features:

  • Margin trade on the go: Trade straight from your smartphone, with up to 100x leverage.
  • Manage your positions: Monitor your trades and react to market movements instantly.
  • Mobile-optimized indicators: Dive deeper into your analysis than ever possible on a mobile device with mobile-optimized tools like MACD, RSI and Bollinger bands.
  • Easily buy and sell crypto: Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and more on your mobile device.

The app interface is designed for seamless navigation on your Android or iOS mobile device. You'll have the power of Liquid right at your fingertips.

Do technical analysis on the fly. Open a short while on the train. Take your profits while you’re doing the shopping.

For new Liquid users, we have built the KYC process into the app, so you can get started in just a few simple steps all within the app.

Not only do you get great features, but with Liquid Pro, we continue with our unwavering commitment to your security. As always, all customer assets are kept in 100% cold wallet storage and layers of security protect you from malicious intent, even if you lose your phone.

Liquid Pro is available on the Google Play Store and iOS app store.

google play store app store


Exchange compliance and regulation

Compliance and regulation is important for any trader. So many cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced issues in the past, be it hacks, employee theft, failure to disclose bankruptcy or a litany of other things.

Exchanges like Liquid that comply to regulations are safeguarded against these common issues because they have to be.

Pick an exchange you know you can trust.

Liquid is a cryptocurrency exchange that is licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA). We work closely with the JFSA to remain compliant. Liquid is also audited by Deloitte.

This means that we take great care with everything we do. We maintain strict security standards to look out for our users. For instance, 100% of customer assets are kept in cold storage.

Let’s have a deeper look at how we keep your assets secure

Security on Liquid

We take security seriously. We have a lot of unique measures in place to keep you as safe as possible.

For starters, our regulatory standing lends credence to our legitimacy as an exchange and the fact that we are audited regularly proves fund security. We have stringent KYC and AML procedures in place to make sure that only legitimate activity is occurring on our platform.

Here’s a run down of some of our security procedures.

Asset protection

We keep 100% of client cryptocurrency assets in cold storage for maximum protection. We utilize hardware security modules (HSM) that have achieved a rating of FIPS PUB140-2 Level 3 or higher. All cold private keys are generated, stored and managed by HSM for the lifetime of the keys.

Customers can only trade from pre-funded accounts. We also use multisignature technology for transferring funds out of cold storage.

We utilize Multi Party Computation to speed up withdrawals so our users experience timely withdrawals with top security.

Account protection

2FA is mandatory for all accounts and is required to complete all significant actions on Liquid, such as resetting password, registering a new withdrawal blockchain address and withdrawing crypto.

We have the Iron Shield, which is a series of protocols on Liquid that protect your account by initiating a cooling period when any account feature is changed. This prevents an attacker from being able to take control of your account and gives you time to step in and lock it down.

Liquid Exchange

We utilize a 24/7 Security Operations Center to employ the latest techniques and tools to stop attacks before they reach our website. Here’s a glimpse:

  • DDOS countermeasures
  • Web application firewall
  • DNS security
  • Penetration testing
  • Internal protection

...and much more. Find out more about our no-nonsense approach to security here.

Trading fees for high-volume traders

On Liquid, trading fees are designed to be competitive and reward traders for their trading activity. 

The more you trade, the lower your fees.

Marketing Tables v2

See this article for more information on Liquid's fee structure. 

Lend your assets to earn extra income

One of our most popular features on Liquid is our lending market, where traders can lend their assets for margin trading and earn daily interest.

All you have to do is set up the loan, enter the interest amount and then wait for it to be filled. Of course, the lower the interest amount you enter, the faster it will be filled.

Auto-renew is an option, so once your order has been completed once it will instantly reappear back on the market. So once you have set it up, your funds can continue to accrue interest.

It’s a great way to increase your profitability outside of trading without putting in any work.


Make your next trading move

If you’ve read this far, you probably agree that Liquid is making moves to exceed expectations.

Find out why more and more pro crypto traders are choosing Liquid,

Join the beta

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