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With BNC Pro, Liquid traders can outsmart the markets

Crypto moves fast. Even the best traders can’t always be a step ahead... or can they?
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Crypto moves fast. Even the best traders can’t always be a step ahead... or can they?

With Brave New Coin’s new crypto management platform, BNC Pro, traders might finally have the solution needed to make the markets bow down.

The changing face of finance

There’s a new era of finance dawning. The old hierarchy is shifting. Banks are losing their power as decentralization becomes increasingly important. There’s a thirst for knowledge, but information flow in today’s crypto economy is fragmented, fallible and flawed.

Over the past six years, the Brave New Coin team has been publishing quality blockchain and crypto market data, technical analysis and research. Now they’re taking everything they’ve learned and channeling it into an all-in-one workstation built for crypto traders of all levels.

BNC Pro is a hub comprising news, data, research and analytics. That means no more trawling the web to find scattered, unreliable information. Generate reports, set alerts, read relevant news and more, all in one place.

Market-beating insight will soon be available with BNC Pro, empowering traders to assemble, curate and filter data quickly so they can stay on top of their game and rapidly generate actionable conclusions.



BNC Pro comes feature-packed from launch

Portfolios and charting at a glance

Trades are automatically updated in the BNC Pro portfolio. Using comprehensive tagging and filtering, users can easily chart, track and visualize strategies.

BNC pro

Asset screener

Opportunities can be analyzed objectively and filtered across a range of fundamental, technical and sentiment data powered by Brave New Coin.

BNC pro


Real-time newsfeed

The BNC Newsfeed delivers crypto news in near real-time and can be personalized with filters and alerts to help avoid information overwhelm. Traders only receive the news that is relevant to their portfolio.



Watchlists & alerts

Automate alerts and track assets and portfolio movements, anywhere, anytime.

A new way to grow

Most traders will be familiar with airdrops, but what about smartdrops? This new token distribution strategy increases product understanding and user growth in a more measured way. Smartdrops reward people for using the platform, testing features and more.

BNC uses Smartdrops – and you can get involved. The next Smartdrop will be available to anyone who participates in the BNC IEO or registers to join the waitlist to use BNC Pro.

The first Smartdrop included a group of respected cryptocurrency analysts, traders, and investors who actively manage digital asset portfolios and were able to provide specific feedback that led to actionable fixes in the BNC Pro beta.

Taking part in a BNC Smartdrop is easy. Once you’ve shown your interest, there will be a qualifying period with a number of tasks to complete. Complete tasks like product testing or community outreach and then receive tokens.

Gain access to BNC Pro

The BNC Pro platform will be powerful, but traders will need the BNC token to really see everything it’s capable of. The BNC token acts like a Digital Software License, giving holders the right to access premium products and services

The BNC IEO is being hosted on Liquid on November 4. This is your chance to gain access to BNC Pro and take advantage of generous early investor bonuses.

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