Women in Crypto - Empowering Journey to Success

In Women in Crypto

There is no better feeling than knowing your accomplishments have made a difference in the world, especially the world of cryptocurrency. Today, we would like to introduce six women who have made immense impacts on the fintech industry as well as the companies they lead. 

They are experts in the crypto space, each with unique capacities and leadership backgrounds. Not to mention astonishingly beautiful. Many changes in the business we have experienced were the result of their hard work and dedication. 

We are hoping to inspire our readers and platform users and one day to be able to share their stories on Liquid.

Who’s Involved?

At the helm of our project, we have Victoria Krapivina. She is a success story and we are proud to call her one of our own. Victoria has helped make it possible for us to reach the women of crypto and will be doing the interviews. Follow this topic to know more about her story!

Grace Chong | Interview 

Of Counsel (Regulatory & Digital Business) JWS Asia Law Corporation (simmons-simmons.com

Caroline Ellison | Interview

Co-CEO at Alameda Research (https://www.alameda-research.com

Kristina Semenova

Private Investor, Owner at Crypto.Gossips (https://bit.ly/CryptoGossips, https://t.me/cryptogossips_eng)

Tegan Kline

Co-founder and Business Lead at Edge and Node (https://edgeandnode.com), Business Lead at The Graph (https://thegraph.com)

Leah Jonas

Head of Global Partnerships at Celsius Network (https://celsius.network)

I hope we can all learn from them!

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