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When did you start getting into cryptocurrency? Did you always know you’d end up investing your creativity into making crypto known to the world?

My acquaintance with the world of cryptocurrency began in 2017 when my friends gave me Bitcoin as a present.

Then I remember how I tried to download my first wallet, how to properly store the cherished 12 words so that no one would ever find them, and for some time, I followed Bitcoin’s increasing rate every day. That was the year the market burst into the mainstream consciousness.

If someone had told me then that in a few years, the crypto world would become my playing field in the most popular media outlet and bring me what I have now — a career, friends around the world, and projects of huge scale with world-famous people — I would never have believed it... But here I am.

What is it like working at a tremendous platform like Cointelegraph and at such a high position? Do you ever feel pressured at all?

I was lucky to get into the Cointelegraph family from the very beginning, literally.

I came into the company when it was undergoing a deep transformation, so I didn’t have to “join the team.” I rather had a unique opportunity to shape one around me.

My bosses at the time of my joining the company became my family and the people closest to me. Most of them have moved on, but we are still in touch every day and as close as ever.

I haven’t felt pressured from those around me as such, but there was a rather intense process of overcoming my own limits for rapid growth in a foreign company, which of course, brought its own adjustments to my life.

But, as I like to say, everything from the best of times to the very last sorrow makes us who we are.

You used to work with a fashion magazine. How was the transition to something of a completely different nature?

Working in the world of high fashion was a huge part of my development as a person.

At first, I was the editor-in-chief at one famous fashion magazine, then the executive director of a men’s business magazine.
The skills I gained at these two establishments still help me in my work today.

As for the transition to something new — to be honest, despite the change in subject matter, I have been in the media business since graduating, so the industry and everything that comes with it has always been familiar.
While these industries differ greatly, moving across them luckily wasn’t like having to build rockets suddenly instead of baking cakes.

Do you and Cointelegraph have any surprises in store for the crypto community?

Every single day, our huge international team is tirelessly working not only to provide our audience with the most valuable and cutting-edge news from the crypto world but also trying to diversify their lives with various creative projects.

We have now entered into several strategic partnerships, the results of which you will surely hear about early next year. I’m sure it will blow up the market!

Any creative advice for better traffic and exposure?

I am firmly convinced that if you love your profession, are in touch with your audience, and are trying to bring maximum benefit and something new to the industry, a massive increase in traffic will soon follow.

Of course, we have more strategies, but they are ours to know and for others to find out.

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