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Meet Bridget Greenwood - Pioneer. Advisor. Women's advocate

Sit down and grab a slice with Bridget Greenwood. The Bigger Pie founder. Get support in blockchain from Bridget Greenwood. Web3 software - Mastermind CTO.
Bridget Greenwood interview women in crypto

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Sit down and grab a slice with Bridget Greenwood. The Bigger Pie founder. Get support in blockchain from Bridget Greenwood. Web3 software - Mastermind CTO.

How did you decide to start getting involved in the crypto space and blockchain?

I went down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin, and why we need an alternative to the current financial systems.

When I first came into the industry it was noticeable the lack of women in the space. But those pioneering women who were already leading the way were incredibly smart, with multiple degrees, speaking multiple languages, and with impressive career CVs. They were also looking to hold out their hand to the next wave of people and women coming into the sector. I decided I wanted to spend time with these women in a meaningful way so I set up The Bigger Pie to support the women in the sector, build a global community of leaders and learners supporting diversity and inclusion in blockchain and emerging technologies.

What was one of the most valuable lessons you learned during the early days of your crypto career?

This technology has the potential to change the way we do business, interact with each other, assign value, and allow those who have previously been excluded to be part of a financial system. But this will only happen if we choose to build solutions that tackle these challenges. We need more women at the design, development, and deployment table to achieve this, otherwise, we’ll end up with wasted potential and a planet that remains with systems built by a few for a few. And will the planet survive that?


How does the Bigger Pie plan to influence and educate women in the field of blockchain?

The Bigger Pie is about supporting women in blockchain and emerging tech. Shining a light on the incredible leaders already in the space, supporting them, connecting them, providing a community to network, gain insights, share opportunities, learn, and collaborate. Help founders get funded, connect with event organizers to help them with female experts, and so much more. In doing so we can attract more women into the industry and work with organizations who see the value in building their businesses with diversity and inclusion.

We have an incredible global community of leaders and learners who actively support one another, share resources, collaborate, hire, invest in, and lift one another up.

We’re launching a number of programmes to support the careers of women in Web 3.0 these include our Mastermind, Zero - CTO, Zero - CMO, Women on Boards and Female founder programmes.

If one day women became the majority in the blockchain would the Bigger Pie begin to encourage more men into the field?

If I was still alive when that day happened…. Of course.

Any advice for women who want to get into crypto but are intimidated by the high risk and lack of experience?

For me there is more risk of not getting involved, however, it’s such a fast-paced environment that it’s impossible to keep up to date with everything. So find communities that help you learn (like The Bigger Pie), understand the basics of the blockchain (Andreas Antonopolos is a great place to start), and consider where you’re most interested in making a difference, which global problems excite you the most to find solutions for. Then you know who and what you’re looking for to support you diving deeper into your areas of interest.

We have a resources page that will also support learning as well as our community. https://www.thebiggerpie.io/#resources

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