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Meet Cicek Akgün - Educator. Innovator. Content Leader

Check out the latest piece with Cicek Akgün - Turkish Content Lead at RAIN. An econometrician on the mission to educate the masses about crypto.
Turkish Content Lead at Rain crypto exchange cicek akgün

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Check out the latest piece with Cicek Akgün - Turkish Content Lead at RAIN. An econometrician on the mission to educate the masses about crypto.

Could you tell us a bit about your professional journey to the current engagement with cryptocurrency and, more specifically, with RAIN?

Of course! I've been in the crypto space for nearly a year, and I've learned incredible things in that short time. We should not consider digital assets solely for investment or trading purposes. Digital assets are the beginning of a new era. What impresses me the most about crypto is that it is the actual PIONEER of innovation. I recently joined the RAIN family, and I am impressed by how we've developed in such a short time. It is a source of pride for me to educate people on the cryptocurrency landscape with a language that is easy to understand in all parts of the world.

Do you feel like having a background in Econometrics and statistics gives you an edge in crypto trading or investment in general?

I have been working in Econometrics and Statistics field for over eleven years. I am focused on the Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System application in my doctoral thesis. You can compare this method to derivatives of artificial intelligence algorithms such as artificial neural networks. As a crypto-loving econometrician, what I'm doing here is forecasting. You can also integrate artificial intelligence algorithms into Blockchain systems. In fact, there are crypto projects that are implementing it already :) 

Given your experience with RAIN, do you believe most users typically invest in their hunch rather than data? If so, does RAIN have any plans to change that?

The biggest hesitation people have towards crypto is based on fear. We should look at it from a perspective like: If aliens visited the earth tomorrow, the first emotion we would probably feel is fear. Innovation brought to the existing realities usually causes uncertainty; however, it pushes us to develop one step further. Our aim here at RAIN is to educate users on new cryptocurrencies and help them understand blockchain based on fundamental and technical analysis. 

Do you have any advice for women with similar professional backgrounds who want to get into the crypto scene?

Women should join the crypto space regardless of their age or professional background because our power is unlimited! :) We should trust ourselves, irrespective of where we live and what we do for a living. It would be an honor to see more women joining the crypto world as founders of NFT collections, Metaverses, innovative projects, blockchain networks, and more. I am sure we will witness all of it very soon on a larger scale.

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