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Meet Diana Kovaleva - Inventor. Leader. Visionary

Tune in to story time with Diana Kovaleva. Symbiosis Finance Leader. Learn about multi-chain technology with Diana Kovaleva. Crypto. Diverse networks.

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Tune in to story time with Diana Kovaleva. Symbiosis Finance Leader. Learn about multi-chain technology with Diana Kovaleva. Crypto. Diverse networks.

Could you tell us a little bit about your experience with cryptocurrency as well as how you have reached your current position?

My journey into cryptocurrency started rather spontaneously. I was in my second year at a technical university and was involved in electronic music. One day I realized that it was time to start building my own home studio, but I, a poor student, could not afford it. My friend called me to work in the technical support of a non-brilliant crypto exchanger. So I went to work with the knowledge that "cryptocurrency is something that people pay in the darknet" and had no idea how much I will be interested in this field in the future. I got involved abruptly and began to learn all the processes that this business lives by. I was interested in how the developers, marketing, biz dev work, and it just so happened that I was invited to work as a junior marketer at a friendly project after half a year. Being in the office for the first time in my life, I started observing the workflow of the whole team, even more, to learn everything thoroughly. It was a very hard period, where I studied SMM, SEO, analytics tools in a super asap format, I even tried my hand at copywriting. I also made a lot of memes, because my sense of humor, sociability, and some wackiness proved to be the main drivers of my career growth. But I quickly burned out and quit :) Then I was invited to a nascent Symbiosis Finance, where I got a job as a content manager and was given full freedom and a comfortable environment. That's how I grew up as a Marketing Lead and I'm happy to put all my ideas and creative impulses to good use. By the way, I'm 22 years old.

What is Symbiosis Finance’s mission?

To begin with, I will now speak only for myself and my vision. The original purpose of cryptocurrency was to free people from the framework set by fiat banks. But as digital assets have evolved, people have realized that new finances also have their own frameworks (which we ourselves created, by the way, he-he). Yes, this is due to the different technologies that the great minds of our planet have created, and thank them very much for that because there is beauty in diversity! But it would be nice to bring it all together for equal access. Symbiosis Finance was born to bring together all this diversity of coins, networks, and technologies in an extremely easy and understandable way for the end-user.


Why do you think multi-chain technologies are essential for the future of crypto? And what would be the consequence of not normalizing the concept?

Well, it seems to be an inevitable trend, that the world is moving toward multi-chain. Because current solutions are, in a sense, insufficient. Users want to be able to have a limitless exchange, and they want it to be simple and fast. People care about convenience because not everyone wants to spend their time searching for a complex yet secure solution. The world wants to save resources, among other things. In fact, multi-chain is the solution we will all inevitably come to. Frankly speaking, I have never even considered a scenario without this technology. That is why we at Symbiosis Finance do what we do!

Any advice for women who aspire to create groundbreaking technology like Symbiosis Finance?

I have been curious and energetic since childhood and carried this pattern of behavior into my adult life. This direct and lively view of the world has successfully adapted to the routine of everyday work. Do what you are really interested in, and not imposed by trends. And don't be afraid to seem stupid, admit that you don't understand something and you need help. By the way, this is a very effective method for identifying people who are not worth your time and nerves. Gather around you like-minded people who will understand you perfectly, while possibly having a different view on certain things. It is unlikely that I will renounce that these tips are one hundred percent effective, but in my case they worked. After all, I was just doing my job :)

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