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Meet Leah Jonas - Believer. Innovator. Strategist

What made you decide to get into the crypto business? What would you be doing if not cryptocurrency?
leah jonas from celsius

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What made you decide to get into the crypto business? What would you be doing if not cryptocurrency?

I was inspired to find my passion by those around me that we’re making their mark on history through their involvement with emerging tech. I made a commitment to myself to find a career in which I was constantly inspired, surprised, and fascinated. When I found crypto, it checked all of those boxes for me, and I haven’t looked back since. 

I believe in what my dad likes to call ‘kismit’, a yiddish word to describe fate. I don’t believe there is a world in which I wouldn’t have ended up intersecting with the crypto industry in one way or another. That being said, if crypto didn’t exist I would have always ended up in some type of emerging tech. As a person, I am just too innately curious to spend my time in a job in which I am not constantly learning. I’d just end up far too bored. 

What does Celsius Network do so well that other platforms cannot?

Celsius is, and always has been, about the community. In the early days, whenever we brought up any critique to Alex, he would always recenter it around the customer. This focus has been key in creating a product that revolves around what our customers want and as a result fueled our growth straight to the top. 

You’ve been with Celsius a long time. How did you play a role in its success?

After 4 years at Celsius, I know better than most that no one person is responsible for the kind of success Celsius has experienced. It’s a team effort, always. At different times my contributions to our growth have taken on different shapes. From new strategic initiatives and sourcing talent through my network to providing boots-on-the-ground insight and even mentoring new employees, no one hat has been more important than another. They have all helped in incremental degrees along the way. 

How do you plan to make Celsius even better in the future as well as its impact on the crypto industry?

In the future, I hope to foster better collaboration in the industry as well as continue to embed that ethos into the next generation of Celsius employees as we scale. Far too often we focus on ourselves instead of the team. If the ultimate goal is bringing the financial freedom digital assets provide to the masses, we will need every last person to do so. One individual, or company, succeeding does not guarantee that goal will come to fruition. As someone who has seen firsthand the power of collaboration and a shared mission, I believe it is my obligation to foster a spirit of unity amongst those that are working towards an egalitarian solution for our planet’s financial future. 

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