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Meet Minutes Leung - Wellness Influencer. Philosopher. NFT Expert

You’re a professional in both wellness and cryptocurrency. How do you manage to overlay two drastically different fields? I think it’s like muscle memory; the more you do it, the more you are good at it. Kind of like training myself using my left/right hand equally.
Women in crypto blog about minutes leung nft expert

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You’re a professional in both wellness and cryptocurrency. How do you manage to overlay two drastically different fields?

I think it’s like muscle memory; the more you do it, the more you are good at it. Kind of like training myself using my left/right hand equally.

I used to work as a stockbroker when I first started my career. It was a stressful wall-street type of lifestyle (I worked in the Asia timezone, but I need to trade on the US market too, so I sleep-deprived). Understanding my need to maintain a very balanced mindset in order to function well, I find it beneficial when I engage in activities such as meditating, exercising, or practicing mindful hobbies like oil painting regularly.

All these help to train my mind to switch off and heighten awareness when I know I’m overthrown with too much information. It is essential to take a break before we max out our capacity. It’s good for our body/mental health in the long run. That’s where I started my wellness gig at the InsurTech incubator and have been promoting this lifestyle ever since. It’s important to train my instinct, as becoming aware of my environment, I maintain a balanced emotional level. Especially in crypto, a market that never stops, keeping a schedule of my own ritual is important. There is no way to chase overflown information 24/7, and all these wellness practices just help keep me in check.  

You will be surprised how many investor friends of mine are exercising and meditating daily as their little secret to do so well!


What inspired you to start into crypto and NFTs? What was your first project?

I started investing in crypto back in 2017 when my friend told me her 1 BTC burger story! I was fascinated by this creation of a whole new economy with cryptocurrency, the beauty of decentralization, and redistributing wealth. I always have this side of a geek at heart, which I like to dig into the information and get my hands dirty to do it myself. Back then there are less women in the crypto space and I always thought there needed to be more women to walk in packs. 

I even tried to do some YouTube tutorials on helping people get a hard wallet or setting their wallet up; signing up on different exchanges and buying altcoins, or mining coins. It was tough, especially because the market was so volatile, everyone was trying their way out and there’s a lot of scams (I did pay for my lesson). 

I got more exposed to this type of work when I was working at the InsurTech incubator, reviewing piles of start-up proposals from all over the world to invest in, coming up with strategies and use cases to plug these technology solutions to one of the most traditional businesses. That’s where I get really interested in crypto and blockchain when I’m talking to these startups about their vision every day.

NFTs is another great tool that I see a huge potential to be used in our ecosystem in transforming and solving many issues besides being speculative. I love the non-fungible part, as the literal meaning of being unique. I was just observing and didn’t get into it as much until 2020 when the market was full-blown with the publicity of sales of NFTs. Now people are interested and reaching out to me, and it’s finally not as difficult to explain what I’m doing. It’s very fun and inspiring to help bridge the offline world to the virtual one with NFTs. Every day I meet creative people with crazy ideas and my mind is never in idle mode when I’m working with them.

How do you plan to transform traditional businesses and raise awareness in holistic health and wellness using DeFi?

Coming from an Insur/Wellness Tech background, I think the rationale is no different in educating and consulting traditional businesses to embrace and incorporate blockchain technology with DeFi concept within their ecosystem. One thing though is behavior change and mindset of management. It’s always the same story when traditional businesses say they want to be holistic and have wellness in their offering, yet they are doing everything in the old way. 

True disruption comes when the management is ready to change and get the right talent to do so. Otherwise, young and visionary people from the business will come out and form a startup to transform the industry inside out. From staking LP coins and play to earn, there is a verticality in staying ahead of their competitors. It’s more about how quickly they can adapt, the world is spinning quickly, and I sense the traditional businesses finally get their feet on the emergency.

They say race and gender will no longer matter in the future Metaverse. Do you agree, and how do you think that would affect women’s contributions to the virtual world?

I think so as everyone will have a new identity in the Metaverse. There is not even a sky, so no limits. We can be BoredApe, 1989 sisters, BearX, CloneX; whichever avatars are coming out from our creative human brain. Our identity will be represented by traits and virtual gears on different chains rather than gender itself. It’ll be a fascinating world to evolve in. I think more women will get into programming, coding, tech, and development. After all, it’s a booming industry to get more talents to come up with great projects for our future, and some old industries are eventually fading away, so why not switch.

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