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Did you always know you’d one day have a major role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem? What shaped your path towards the current position?

My passion for what this industry is doing for the world has sparked a fire that has always been inside there, but eagerly awaited being lit. 

My drive and ambition to make the world better than I came into it. This is what I strive to do every day.

What has been the most difficult in your journey? Anything you would have done differently?

Not being so hard on myself throughout my journey to where I am today. Everything I have ever worked on has either directly or indirectly contributed to my work today — My time in Investment Banking overseeing M&As and  IPOs allowed me to understand the dynamic of Investment Banking. My time as a market maker in Sales & Trading at Barclays allowed me to understand how the traditional market works. Though the 6 years on Wall Street were soul-sucking, I am extremely grateful to have had that experience and to bring that knowledge to web3.

The DeFi system seems to be growing at full speed as I’ve perceived in your articles. How do you envision its final form would affect the future economy?

The DeFi boom was underpinned by The Graph and Ethereum, similar to the majority of DAOs, NFTs, and beyond. We will see the whole world switch over to decentralized protocols. Once the web3 stack is ready, we will see all of the traditional finance will move into the blockchain space as well as the traditional web (web2). 

Every market is better served by open transparent systems of coordination that share with all stakeholders, and that is what we are building with web3. Web3 enables us to do things private corporations were never set up to do.

Web3 allows the individuals to be in control, have ownership of their data and money, verify all of the info themselves without a centralized intermediary, have neutrality and it will allow us to scale humanity.

What’s one thing any woman or business person in the crypto industry can start doing today to strengthen their path to success?

Understand that web3 is about a fully decentralized stack. Understand that web3 is a new platform for decentralized applications. 

Read articles, crypto Twitter, listen to podcasts and attend events. A few events that are upcoming that I recommend are Devcon and EthDenver. 

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