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Meet Victoria Krapivina - Communicator. Thinker. Content Leader

You’ve held many leadership positions in the past. What were some of your non-leading roles and what did you learn from them?
Victoria Krapivina from Liquid Exchange

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You’ve held many leadership positions in the past. What were some of your non-leading roles and what did you learn from them?

I started my crypto journey at icorating.com back in 2017. This was when I first got exposed to the crypto space and worked as a sales manager.

I’ve been involved in many non-leading roles, of course, and I loved every single day of it. They gave me a 360-degree view of all the processes and the experience that I wouldn’t always dive into once I start to lead the department. 

Since I started working as a sales manager for icorating.com I’d been speaking directly with dozens of clients every day. Working in sales gives you the confidence and interpersonal skills money cannot buy that will benefit you in any future role. Communication is key to success for both internal and external processes in the organization.


Do you feel like you’ve found your place in the digital marketing industry? Where do you see yourself in the near future?

I absolutely did. My main passion in life is understanding people and why they behave the way they do. It can be outside the business field, things that fascinate me are history, politics, sociology, and psychology of humans. In Marketing, you can use all the knowledge from the areas and apply it to get an attractive message out to the world. 

My current focus on Liquid is content. I am passionate about educating people on cryptocurrency and in my eyes, content is “king.” Education is the first step a potential customer takes when deciding whether a product or service is right for them. For some, it may feel of lesser importance, however, it can build a huge influence on your audience and also help accelerate your website for SEO.

What is your vision for Liquid and how do you plan to make it happen?

My vision for Liquid is to become the place people come and stay for everything related to cryptocurrency. I want people to feel confident about their funds. I want people to have the best experiences in buying and trading cryptocurrency and of course, earn a range of rewards for their crypto. One of our key products right now is Liquid Earn, and I wanna introduce more products that will give opportunities for passive income.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges for women in this business? What are some of those challenges you are still currently facing?

I think it’s all about our upbringing and how we were taught to deal with the world from an early age. I would not like to generalize for every other country but at least where I am from, Russia, women are taught to be more vulnerable to their advantage. With this narrative flying around in the air, it shapes your mentality. The only way out is to get yourself out there, start seeing results and validation of your hard work and move up the career ladder. 

Still, in some countries, there are some perceptions about women in business that need to be improved. But hey, nothing that hard work and dedication cannot fix.

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